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For the Ballroomers, here’s a nice, rather long interview with Yulia Zagoruychenko and Riccardo Cocchi, current world Latin champs.They talk about dance versus sport (Riccardo was going to be a footballer on the Roma team — who knew?Riccardo had a romantic relationship with Shirley Ballas, but that ended this year.Yulia also broke with her ex-partner and long-time fiancé, Maxim Kozhevnikov. Their new coach is Donnie Burns, who is also the head of the WDC (World Dance Council).Riccardo and Yulia's mesmerizing look, incredible technical aptitude, and vivacious dynamism quickly made them a favorite among both fans and judges alike.At the World Professional Latin Championships held in Bonn, Germany on November 20, 2010, Dance Sport felt the impact of Riccardo and Yulia's hard work and growth when they took home their first World Professional Latin title.Yulia Zagoruychenko (born September 11, 1981) is the current World Latin Dance Champion, with her partner, Riccardo Cocchi.Originally from Russia, she began dancing at the early age of seven.

Soon afterward, Riccardo had the opportunity to dance with Yulia.I started dancing when I was four years old with Russian folk dance. But I could earn some money and pay for my private lessons. That's why sometimes people mix me with the Ukraine nationality.About seven years old I started doing ballroom dancing. And it was funny… how my mom helped me to collect money, because I could not really deal with them. And Riccardo, how old were you when you started dancing? We thought that Yulia was the best girl on the floor.I am watched them grow and progress to become one of the most mesmerizing couples of all time. I mean Riccardo is great, but Yulia is just perfection.She is strong, fierce, yet is very soft in her movement at the same time. In addition, every year, they come up with new routines at competitions, while Michal and Joanna have been dancing the same ones for years.

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