Pb and marceline dating

On August 7th, 2014, at a Barnes & Noble book signing for Martin Olson's book, The Adventure Time Encyclopædia, Olivia Olson confirmed that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum had dated, which can explain their rivalry and why they had trouble getting along with the other in the past.Olivia stated that their relationship may be mentioned in the upcoming book, but had no further statements regarding the two.Marceline hovered just above the Princess strumming the deep strings of her bass with her eyes closed, "Marceline why do Finn and Jake want us to meet them in the Nightosphere? Marceline shrugged and continued strumming her bass.PB walked along the sweetly colored candy road, what if something happened to Marceline?There are lots of videos from the event, but this one is my favorite because of the fan’s on-camera reaction:and I wanted to ask him a lot of questions, because he’s trying to write the book and stuff, so I wanted to pick Pen’s brain a little bit.

will be able to push Cartoon Network out of their comfort zone with PB and Marci.The princess had been terribly sick and going insane after her kingdom had been destroyed and burned down by unknown creatures, the princess had watched her kingdom come to ashes, as she heard her subjects scream for help and burn alive melting sweetly, she'd lived like this for years, but Marceline ignored PB's mumbling and floated through the portal with her beloved Bubblegum. " Finn and Jake shouted excitedly as Marceline put down her guitar, today was the marking of the fire, they decided to throw a party for the sick princess to get her mind off things. Marceline nervously put her hands on her sweet Bubblegum's waist, "A-Are you sure you want to dance? Her chest ached inside, trying her best not to look away or cry.PB jumped but smiled greatly, "You guys shouldn't have! It hurt her to see her Princess so sick and insane.You can check my blog for very good info about that, most of the fan fiction and rumors started when Mathematical uploaded it's regular episode recap video for "What was missing."Since it was released the video had been flooding in with comments about their relationship.Many people were fueling more and more fan fiction which resulted in Mathematical removing the video entirely, or atleast making it private.

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