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But the battle of nature versus nurture lingers, and some bacha posh will refuse to rescind their male prerogatives in what the UN calls the world’s most dangerous country to be a woman.The book is anchored by vivid female characters who bring this ancient phenomenon to life: Azita, a female parliamentarian whose youngest daughter is chosen to pose as her only son; Zahra, the tomboy teenager who struggles with puberty and resists her parents’ attempts to turn her into a woman; Shukria, who was forced to marry and have three children after living for twenty years as a man; and Shahed, an Afghan special forces soldier, still in disguise as an adult man.Afghanistan's legal system is weak or nonexistent in some areas after years of war and insurgency.Most punishments are meted out according to Islamic Shariah law, which can be very severely interpreted in conservative regions like the one in central Afghanistan where the teen lived."Islam does not say that a woman who is raped should be killed because she is innocent," said Mullah Habibullah, a senior Muslim cleric in Kabul.

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By Chris Stephen In Bagram The (5-24-02) 6-4-2 British marines returning from an operation deep in the Afghan mountains spoke last night of an alarming new threat - being propositioned by swarms of gay local farmers.

All three Muslim-majority countries are on President Donald Trump's travel ban. Lida Azizi, a 17-year old from Herat, calls the visa rejection “a clear insult for the people of Afghanistan.” The U. embassies in Afghanistan and Gambia and the State Department say they cannot discuss visa requests.

WATCH: Robotics contest for youth promotes innovation A group called FIRST Global Challenge holds the yearly robotics competition to build interest in science, technology, engineering and math around the world.

Afghan women wait outside a Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) Clinic to seek maternal health advice.

The midwife working inside will often notice bruises on the women’s bodies. How to Wind up in a Moral Prison Sitting on the floor in a prison courtyard, six Afghan women, aged 18-57, form a semicircle facing one another.

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