Is kid cudi still dating amanda bynes

Bynes also took to Twitter to apologize to her ex-boyfriend Kid Cudi."I want to apologize to Scott Mescudi.

Back in April, she originally called him an "ugly duckling" and said, " his best photos aren't [bleep] compared to mine at my best."She went on to say, "my music is going to be sicker than whatever the [bleep] kind of music Scott tries to do."Glad that's cleared up, but does this mean she's not still crushing on Drake?

He has been in four celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.0 years each.

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Amanda Bynes was as active as ever today on Twitter, but one of the more memorable moments was when she called out Liam Hemsworth for being "the most gorgeous man on the face of the Earth."Well, she does have a point there, doesn't she?

While the actress remains under the conservatorship of her mother Lynn, her recovery is apparently "going great" and Amanda now believes she is ready to find herself a man.

However, she won't be rushing into the dating world, instead taking things slowly as her previous relationships with stars such as Doug Reinhardt and Kid Cudi ended so badly.

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