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There are in fact many names for Qat (pronounced "cot"), Khat, Chat (Ethiopia), Qaad or Jaad (Somalia), and Miraa (Kenya).Depending on what you read and who you talk to, chewing Qat (Khat) can be described as a mild, social drug similar to coffee, or a dangerously addictive drug like cocaine.I bought a little meditation book published by Al-Anon called "One Day At A Time".... It helps me to learn new healthy ways to live with an addict in my life.5 Ambien, tapered down the Hydro's from 9 a day to 3-4, and today is Day 1 for quitting my 7 year addiction to Valium, after tapering down also... - lol I'm grateful to get even 3 hours of sleep, as long as it is not drug induced and natural..of what we are all fight for!

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The controversy surrounds the elite high school drama program over which Schraufnagel presided for more than a decade.

Recently, Khat has even been blamed for funding terrorism.

Whatever your opinion is of Khat the drug, the fact is this is a multi-million dollar industry and a cash crop that keeps on giving for many peasants who grow it in the Horn of Africa.

LAWSUIT: Teacher faces sex, drugs claims PLEA DEAL: Schraufnagel pleads guilty CHAPPAQUA: Students 'reckless'NEW CLAIMS: More allegations for ex-teacher IN COURT: Ex-teacher faces judge TIMELINE: How the scandal unfolded In addition to the civil claims, Schraufnagel admitted in New Castle Town Court on Thursday that he had "sexual contact" with two of his students in a separate criminal case.

The admission was part of a plea deal with Westchester County prosecutors — pending final approval by the local judge — that would spare Schraufnagel jail time but would require him to serve three years of probation and to surrender his New York state teaching license.

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