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Niall: You walked into the kitchen, well-aware Niall was trailing behind you.He always followed you around, always just coming up with an excuse of why he was in the same room as you. Niall leaned down also, grabbing a water bottle too. I think you are the sweetest thing I wear a coat of feelings and they are loud I've been having good days Think we are the right age to start our own peculiar ways?With good friendly homes You get me freaked freaked freaked on Preakness I've never met a girl that Likes to drink with horses Knows her Chinese ballet I must admit you smell like fruity nuts and good grains When you show my purple gaze a thing or two at night It'd make me sick sick sick to kiss you and I think that I would vomit But I'll do that on Mondays I don't have to work away I like it when I bump you An accident's a truth gate I'm humbled in your pretty lens I'll hold you don't you go Sometimes you're quiet and sometimes I'm quiet (Hallelujah!

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The principal of Maureen's Auburn, Mass., middle school also declined to comment.

Shake, rattle, roll, and profits flow into the pockets of shorts.

All this has more than a little bit of panic thinking in it. Suppose you run the swap desk at an investment bank. Now you are, of course, officially a “naked” buyer of the CDS. But you did have the functional equivalent of a long position in the bond—that CDS you sold.

The story line goes something like this: shorts snap up credit default swaps, pushing up prices, making creditors nervous and credit more expensive.

Stock investors notice the credit markets look nervous so they start to sell off.

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