Best dating ideas for men

The following dates will capture his attention—and his heart.

5 Non-Gushy Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship 1.

You could pop down to the farmers' market, but visiting a nearby farm makes it more of an adventure (to find both, visit

Go to a bar on karaoke night and grab two seats with a prime view of the stage.

Surprise him by signing up for a private sunset stand-up paddelboarding (SUP) lesson.

We've been led to believe this is what date night should look like by Hollywood, TV, and the French bistro lobby.

Find a certified instructor near you by checking out the World Paddle Association.

When most people picture date night, they think of meals at little French bistros where you hold hands tenderly across a candlelit table and stare deeply into each other's eyes.

Crack open a bottle of vino and tackle the assembly together, then spend the night snuggled up, sipping on cab and feeding each other chocolate-dipped everything.

Little known fact: Most bars offer "sample-sized" beers in 8-ounce glasses, as opposed to a full pint.

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